My Singapura Skyline

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Sharifah Bella X Clarissa Maskilone Limited Edition Collection
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Product Details

- Material: 100% silk satin

- Shape: Rectangular

- Size: 170 cm x 70 cm

The Story Behind My Singapura Skyline
My Singapura Skyline features Singapore's impressive urban skyline that offers a stunning view unique to Singapore. Often acknowledged as a global business hub, Singapore is a prime destination for businesses, corporate entities, and investors worldwide.
In collaboration with Clarissa Maskilone, a Singapore-based self-taught artist, My Singapura Skyline design represents a lasting impression and wondrous experience of Singapore as a fine country.
About the motifs
Lively and contemporary. Inspired by Sharifah Bella's elegance and modesty. It captures the essence of Singapore's cultural diversity through the different elements and vibrant colours that coexist harmoniously, constantly flowing together gracefully.
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