My Singapura Heritage

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Sharifah Bella X Clarissa Maskilone Limited Edition Collection
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- Material: 100% silk satin

- Shape: Rectangular

- Size: 170 cm x 70 cm

The Story Behind My Singapura Heritage
Singapore is unique in dealing with diversity. It is made up of different cultures, including Chinese, Malay, Indian, and various other ethnicities. It is known as one of the countries that celebrate multi-racial, cultural, and religious harmony where respect for people with different cultures, faiths, and religious beliefs are embedded in the collective Singaporean consciousness. Simultaneously, the sharing of peaceful coexistence is reflected in Singapore's heritage monuments and historical sites.
My Singapura Heritage features select cultural heritage sites of Singapore to remind the future generation what makes and shapes the Singapore we see today.
In collaboration with Clarissa Maskilone, a Singapore-based self-taught artist, My Singapura Heritage captures the peaceful coexistence between different cultures and emphasizes the unique identity that makes Singapore, Singapore.
About the motifs
Lively and contemporary. Inspired by Sharifah Bella's elegance and modesty. It captures the essence of Singapore's cultural diversity through the different elements and vibrant colours that coexist harmoniously, constantly flowing together gracefully.
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